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Engagement and Wedding Rings, Colliers & necklaces

For more than 7 decades our jewelry has been made with first-class elegance and quality in our goldsmiths workshop.

The design of our jewellery is inspired by the shape, the colour and the cut of the gemstone. For many years SCHÜTT has designed timeless and purist jewellery in which the stone always has its outstanding role.

In the exhibition you will find jewellery from SCHÜTT and other goldsmiths and jewellery designers from Pforzheim.

We particularly enjoy developing individual designs with our customers and create and craft them for them. Likewise, we design in our workshops unique necklaces made of precious stones with high-quality locks in our workshops.

Range of products
• Gold and silver jewellery
• Handmade unique jewellery with gemstones
• Contemporary jewellery design from Pforzheim
• Necklaces in gold and silver
• Pearl jewellery
• Accessories

Workshop: Create your favorite necklace
In this workshop you will design your personal favorite necklace made of genuine pearls and gemstones under. Of course we support you in the design and completion process. Except for locks and silver parts, all materials are included. Please register early, as the workshops are usually booked out very quickly.

Workshop: 14pm – 17pm
Price: 40 €
Reservation and information: 0049 72 31 - 22 00 1

Workshop dates